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Innovation for health and wellness
Dress Ekatom, Dress Life!

Ekatom® is a registered trademark of Bionox Group, the European company that has universalized and simplified the use of technology without altering people's daily lives, taking its use to another level through smart and biofunctional garments.

Bionox Group develops innovative technologies so that the simple gesture of putting on clothes improves life. All the technologies and products developed by the company are based on scientific evidence and endorsed by multiple clinical studies, creating innovative solutions for the health, wellness and sports market.


Ekatom® is the smart and biofunctional clothing brand with multiple scientifically proven benefits for improving well-being. Improve your lifestyle with the simple gesture of dressing, without altering your day to day. 


Ekatom® Fiber 

After 5 years of research, Bionox developed and patented Ekatom® Fiber, a unique textile fibre based on cell photobiostimulation. A technology with beneficial properties for health and well-being, proven by multiple clinical studies.

Its benefits are mainly improved cell metabolism, blood circulation, and increased oxygen levels. This favours the improvement of health, performance and recovery after exertion.

This type of fabric is approved by the FDA in the United States.

1. Study with Ekatom® Fiber in patients with the herniated disc;

2. Lizard Posturometric Platform Study, with Ekatom® Fiber;

3. Placencia Study, Effect on the feet of Ekatom® Fiber socks;

4. Bacterial proliferation control study with Ekatom® Fiber. 


Adherence to Ekatom® 1


Pain reduction 1


Increased muscle tone 2


Balance improvement 2


Thermoregulation 2.3


Reduction of bacteria and pathogens 4


Increased oxygen levels 3


Improved posture and muscle loads 2

You have always taken care of the clothes, now the clothes will take care of you. 

The technology-based on cell photobiostimulation was investigated at its inception as part of NASA's space program in the 1960s, with the aim of improving the health of its astronauts after completing their work in space. Through large machines, they endowed their bodies with therapeutic qualities that transmitted benefits for the improvement of their health and well-being.

After 5 years of research, at Bionox Group we develop and evolve this technology with beneficial effects on health. We managed to transfer it to a textile fibre with unique properties with which to manufacture any type of garment and clothing. The result was our Ekatom® Fiber technology,  the benefits of which are clinically proven. Thus, we bring space technology to something as every day as dressing. Do you want to know how it works?