About i-bient 

Our story  - how did the i-bient idea emerge


We are two sisters who had been through a personal experience of wearing protective face masks not too long ago, at the bedside of our sick mother. We know how uncomfortable face-mask wearing becomes as the hours go by. The memories prompted us to come up with an idea that can transform the experience for thousands of people. The 2020 general lockdown, the necessity of face mask-wearing in shared spaces and the social distancing rules have transformed how each and every one of us interact in the environment. How can it get better than this? How can we change the world? 

It is the context where the i-bient idea came to life - wearable ambient - we designed a stable system of carrying scents that is simple, practical and fun, that brings a breath of freshness to our senses, that is versatile, yet very personal. Think wellness! Think wellness for me! We turned around the concept of wearable high-tech in any ambient, into low-tech nature-inspired wearable ambient.


We don't always have time to go to where "wellness is", so we thought that wellness could be where we are. Many words are surrounding a pure desire to make the ambient more personal - the "halo" came to be. 

On the journey of personalising the ambient, we are now designing products that work attached on mobile devices, taking the personal wellness thought with us everywhere. Stay tuned!

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Rapid design 

We put into action our life experiences: a biochemist scientist with over 20 years of creating products for the technology world, who set up The Products Schools and teaches children about nature and science intersections at the Earth School Hub, and a black-belt business process designer with a deep passion for the art of horticulture, we combined our creative spirits to define, rapid-design, and developed a sustainable wearable ambient system that is fun, practical and the most importantly, very personal. Handmade, the halo is our symbol for the intimate ambient each of us deserves.


The i-bient halo system is carefully infused with essential oils aromas to create a new experience in the personal space. We all have personal preferences when it comes to what scents we like in our personal space and many times we find ourselves in circumstances of life where our personal ambient and senses are burdened or blocked by things external to us - a busy train or shop, windows that do not open, someone else's perfume or more recently, a face mask.


You can create your personal ambient Floral Exotic in the morning, Citrus Green in the afternoon, romantic Sweet Rosemary, active Citrus Invigorated, reviving Citrus Stimulated or energised with Citrus fully Charged.


The system we designed can be attached to any fabric or material that we wear. It releases your choice of aromas in your personal environment. By design, the aroma is discreet, so you are not invading other people's spaces.

When attached to a face mask, the aroma is diffused through the fabric and becomes your new personal wearable ambient.

Because our preferences and moods change throughout the day, we created Collections of aroma cards to offer everyone choices. 


Romanita Popescu

a Business Process Designer expert in optimisation with over two decades of transforming businesses in multi-cultural environments, from telecom to manufacturing and software applications, enthusiastic about horticulture and organic farming


Ruxandra Dariescu

a Biochemist scientist turned product creator with a couple of decades of experience in business management and leadership from start-up to large global organisations and an unstoppable desire for finding intersections of passions.