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Experience just a discreet pure natural aroma!

Designed as a personal wearable ambient, the i-bient halo is an intimate sensory system of natural scents that instantly transforms the experience of wearing a mask. 

The i-bient halo is wrapping your personal space in the wellness spirit!

The i-bient idea took life from the desire to carry with us all the time a personal pleasant ambient!

A personal halo!

While people are reaching for hand sanitizer and developed a conscious habit of regularly washing hands, the masks, face coverings and protective shields have become part of our daily new normal.

i-bient wearable ambient concept is a gentle scented reminder that wherever you are and whatever you do, you can be 100% comfortable!

The i-bient Concept 

We decided to transform the experience of the face mask-wearing, as well as of other things we wear, into an intimate sensory system of natural scents. 

We imagined, researched, tested, tested some more and developed a proprietary system of discreetly infusing various aromas of pure essential oils in the natural wearable support. The aromas are then released in the space close-by, without disturbing the personal ambient of someone else.

Fun-to-wear - Different shapes and colours - Easy-to-attach on the outside of the things we wear - Non-invasive - Disposable (single use only!) - Recyclable

You can create your ambient starting the day Floral Exotic, getting Citrus Green in the afternoon, while later on, you transform your ambient into romantic Sweet Rosemary, active Citrus Invigorated, reviving Citrus Stimulated or adventurous Spice Red. The mindset that the beauty of nature can enhance our lives is open an invitation to everyone to become wrapped in the wellness spirit with us!

Discover i-bient halo Collection

i-bient halos are organised as Card Collection. Each halo is wrapped as a single pack, has a shape and a colour, varying in every Collection Card. Some are small, some a larger, some are round, others are flowers, leaves, squares, triangles, stars - all flat packed to fit a pocket, a wallet or a phone cover slot. 


There are several Card Collections to choose from, offering a variety of scents - sweet, floral, citrus fresh, earthy or spice.


All i-bient halos are handmade and the infused oil is thoroughly measured and tested to offer a balanced discreet aroma presence in your close-up space. 




Alcohol free, the natural infused support system is gradually releasing the aroma in your ambient.

Single use, each halo is designed to last 4 to 6 hours from the time it is removed from the sealed packaging, depending on the natural essence volatility.

Check in often as we add free samples and new Card Collections all the time.

Attaching i-bient halos


i-bient halos are ready to simply attach on the outside of things you wear, like a sticker. When attaching a single i-bient halo, discreet scents are released in the intimate surrounding area, making the experience very personal.

You can attach two i-bient halos for a more intense experience or if you wear a face mask made of thicker materials with layers of filters.

Moreover, when you are after an “aromatic adventure”, you can combine two halos of different essences to blend aromas-to-go from the i-bient Cards Collection.

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Before attaching i-bient halos please read the safety instructions here.

Do not use if you have allergies to any of the components or if you are pregnant

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